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A&MC Box
Replacement Approach & Managers Control Junction Box for AMF Pinspotters
Comes ready to screw to curtain wall and plug in.


Photo - A&MC Box for AMF 82-70
Box cover is also supplied, not shown in photo

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A&MC Kit:
  • The kit is supplied with two pre-made cables and 14 way AMP M Series plugs ready to connect to Pinspotter.
  • Box size is 121 x 171mm (4 3/4 x 6 3/4")
  • Connection order in box identical to original

While working in the A&MC box, it may be worthwhile to check whether the FOUL circuit is wired correctly.

In many installations, a single 'figure 8' cable has been used to carry the foul signal for both left and right lanes, with the house earth being used for common.
This is potentially unsafe and should be rectified immediately.
Both left and right lanes should have a 'figure 8' cable each and these should be connected to terminals 7 and 8 inside the A&MC box. There should be no common connection between the two lanes.

Fitting guides:
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A&MC Box Kit A&MC Box and Wiring Harness Pair  
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AMC-B A&MC Box only  
AMC-H A&MC Wiring Harness (pair)  

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