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Auto Sweep Drop Module (ASDM)
For Brunswick GS96, GS98 and GSX Pinsetters
Automatically drops the sweep/rake when lane is turned off


Photo - ASDM and LaneMinder Cutout-2 mounted on front of GSX Pinsetter

Auto Sweep Drop Module (larger box, just below centre of photo)
and LaneMinder Cutout-2 Module (smaller box just above centre)
mounted on front panel of Brunswick GSX Pinsetter
at Strike CCW, Melbourne Australia

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One Sweep Drop Module is required per pair of lanes
  • The Auto Sweep Drop Module (ASDM) drops the sweep when the lane is turned off at the end of a game. This prevents bowlers from continuing to bowl balls with the effect of overloading the pit area. This will save much of the machine damage that can occur when the Pinsetter is started up with a pit full of balls.
  • When the lane is turned on the next time, the G Switch will sense that the sweep is down, and take the machine through a normal cycle to set pins for the new bowlers.
  • The action of the ASDM can be bypassed at any time by flipping the Rear Switch to the OFF position.
  • The ASDM bracket has been designed to make it easy to mount the ASDM onto the front panel of the Pinsetter without having to drill new holes. Simply loosen the appropriate panel bolts, slide the ADSM and bracket into place and re-tighten.
  • The ASDM bracket also has space enough to mount a LaneMinder Cutout-2 Module (if fitted).
  • The ASDM has an input for the LaneMinder Cutout-2 Module - this is so the sweep will not drop in the event that the Pinsetter is turned off by the LaneMinder. Having all the sweeps drop to guard would not be desirable if a person has strayed down the lanes near the fronts of the machines.
  • 12 month warranty
  • One ASDM runs a pair of lanes
  • Quick field installation

The ASDM kit includes
  • ASDM circuit board mounted in ABS plastic box with clear lid (as shown in photo above)
  • Pre-made cable harness and all required tap-splice wire joiners
  • Rear Switch Module (to disable ASDM function when required for machine and lane maintenance)
  • Mounting bracket

Photo - ASDM Module mounted to GSX  Photo - ADSM and LaneMinder Cutout Module mounted to GSX Pinsetter
The larger box is the ASDM. The smaller box is the LaneMinder Cutout-2. This bowling center,(Strike CCW) has both systems. This centre chose to mount the modules directly onto the front panel rather than using the supplied mounting bracket.

To run ASDMs, it is not neccessary to have the LaneMinder lane safety system installed.

Photo - ASDM wiring connections on GSX  ASDM wiring connections on GSX
The right side of NexGen box shows sweep solenoid cable for the odd lane has been cut and a 2 way plug has been added to both new ends. The new plugs route the sweep solenoid cable through the ASDM.
The left side of the NexGen box also has the sweep solenoid cable cut and new plugs fitted. The plugs are fitted in such a way that the brown and white cables can be plugged back together if at any time it is desired to remove the ASDM.

Photo - ASDM wiring connections on GSX  Photo - ASDM wiring connections on GSX
Inside the NexGen box. The pink tap-splice joiners pick up 26VAC to power the ASDM.

Photo - ASDM switch module mounted to rear of GSX  Photo - ASDM switch mounted to rear of GSX
Mounting of the Rear Switch Module on the side of the Pin Elevator.
Green LED indicates the ASDM is functioning.

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Ordering information
Part No. Description
CS-ASDM ASDM Auto Sweep Drop Module  
  Accessories and Spare Parts    
PCA60-01 Circuit board only  
CS-ASDM-CA-GS96 Cable Harness - GS96  
CS-ASDM-CA-GS98 Cable Harness - GS98 (Consolidated Electronics)    
CS-ASDM-CA-GSX Cable Harness - GSX (Nexgen Electronics)    
CS-ASDM-SW Rear Switch Module    
  Mounting Bracket    

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Australia Cybernetic Solutions/tenpintec    
Sweden Rock & Bowl AB 070-7654890  
All other places Cybernetic Solutions/tenpintec    
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