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PIT Timer Unit for AMF 82-70 Pinspotter

Turns off backend motor and/or ball return motor after a period of bowler inactivity
Pit Timer Unit - kit
Pit Timer Unit - installed
Pit Timer Unit
Pit Timer Unit - Warning Label




  • Automatically shuts off power to back-end motor and/or ball return after a predetermined (adjustable) period of bowler inactivity
  • Ball hitting cushion restarts backend and ball return (after a five second warning)
  • Saves power (see below)
  • Saves wear and tear on machine parts
  • Reduces unnecessary noise in the pit area
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Can be fitted either inside the chassis or inside the rear control box
  • Works with 5 board chassis, XOP or Omegatek boards
  • Works with MP chassis
  • Quick field installation
  • Incorporates independent on-off circuits for back-end motor and ball return
  • 12 month warranty
  • High intensity LEDs supplied can be fitted to chassis or rear control box to warn for "standby mode "
  • Audible warning before machine starts up from " standby mode "
  • Includes kit of fittings
  • Pit can easily be set to continuous run for maintenance purposes
  • Wiring harness plugs into top of board for easy fitting/removal

Current draw on motor startup is about three times running current draw.
On average, motor startup (both start and run windings in circuit) lasts around 1/2 a second.
This means that every time the motor is off for more than about 2 seconds, you are saving on electricity cost.





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ASU-70BE Pit Timer Unit (BE Control Box version) 0.2kg AUD $98.50
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