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ASU Plus
ASU Plus

Combined clear acrylic chassis lid and timer module for AMF 82-70 machines

Incorporates startup delay and warning, backend motor time-out, cooling fan,

1st and 2nd Ball indicators, Instructomat indicator, machine-live indicators.




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Photo - ASU Plus - closeup

ASU Plus features:
  • Motor start-up delay (5 seconds) with audible and visual warning for safety
  • Adjustable time-out (kills power to all three motors) after a period of bowler inactivity
  • High brightness warning LEDs indicate that Pinspotter is live but timed-out
  • Time-out can be disabled by turning adjuster to the zero position
  • LED 1st and 2nd Ball indicators
  • LED Instructomat indicator
  • 80mm exhaust fan for cooling
  • Clear acrylic top chassis cover allows visual inspection of internal components without removal of the cover

Photo - ASU Plus on a pair of Pinspotters

ASU Plus Benefits:
  •  Power savings by turning off Pinspotter motors when not needed
  •  Enhanced machine safety by giving 5 second warning before Pinspotter starts up
  •  Improved electronic reliability by fan cooling
  • Faster trouble-shooting by using LED indicators for 1st Ball, 2nd Ball and Instructomat that can be easily seen from the service aisle behind the machine

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  ASU Plus   Added 19 Oct 2009  
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