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Ball Booster Control Box
For 115V and 220/240V Ball Boosters and Accelerators
Photo - Ball Booster Box mounted under downsweep
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  • 24Vac control voltage from electrical box or control chassis switches high voltage relay to power ball booster motor.
  • Quick field installation
  • Safety warning labels affixed
  • Manufactured from high quality components
  • 12 month warranty

Fitting guides:
  Ball Booster Control Box      
Ordering information
Part No. Description
CS-BB-024 Ball Booster Control Box    
CS-BR-024B Ball Return Power Box - Brunswick    
CS-BR-024A Ball Return Control Box - AMF    
CS-BR-110A Ball Return Control Box - AMF 115V  
CS-BR-240A Ball Return Control Box - AMF 240V  
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