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LED Mask Display Unit 1-2
LED Mask Display Unit - 1st & 2nd Ball
Selectable colours - suitable for most Pinsetter and Pinspotter machines

Photo - Mask 1-2 showing one green LED group Photo - Mask 1-2 showing two red LED groups

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  • Hi intensity LEDs - expected lifetime 50,000 hours
  • Supplied with 5m (19ft) of 6 core cable with bare ends - connectors to suit machine type can be supplied and fitted (extra cost)
  • Steel bracket for universal mounting - can be reversed to mount upright (as shown) or hanging
  • 12 month warranty

The colour of 1st Ball and 2nd Ball are each selectable by jumpers on the board

  • Primary selectable colours are Red, Green and Blue
  • Red and Green can be selected together to make Yellow
  • Red and Blue can be selected together to make Purple
  • Green and Blue can be selected together to make Aqua

Photo - Mask 1-2 side view

Photo - Mask 1-2 module with ruler 5 1/2 inches high

Fitting guides:
  Mask 1-2 RGB   UPDATED 22 DEC 2022
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CS-M03-02 LED Mask Display 1-2    
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