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Time Delay Module

Time Delay Module for Brunswick A and A2 Pinsetters

Photo - Tenpintec Time Delay Module for Brunswick A and A2

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  • Microprocessor based circuit board mounts inside electrical box
  • LED status indicators
  • 12 month warranty
  • Suitable for machines with mechanical or electric shotguns
  • Two relays - "Cycle" and "Shotgun"
  • Quick field installation
  • Optional remote status indicator box - mounts under rear catwalk and simply plugs into the board
When optional Infra-Red beams are fitted:
  • High quality IR units are mounted on steel protective base plate
  • Time delay to trigger is automatically determined by ball speed
  • If IR beam is broken for an extended time, the machine will not trigger - this is a safety feature to reduce the risk of a person being hit by rake

Photo - Infra-red ball trigger module mounted on the wide capping

Infra-Red modules mounted on optional steel bracket

Fitting guides:
  Pinsetter A & A2   UPDATED 10 JAN 2023
Ordering information
Part No. Description
PCA17 Time Delay Module (pcb only)    
CS-TR-B1 IR Ball Trigger Kit (Time Delay Module plus IR sensor and reflector)    
  Accessories and Spare Parts    
AL-SB002 Infra-Red Sensor  
CS-TR-BR-X LED Status Display Extension (mounts on rear of machine)  
H00020 Steel Base    

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United Kingdom Embassy Services Phone 1227 719799  
Australia Eastern Bowling    
All other places tenpintec/Cybernetic Solutions    
Ordering information