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Ball Trigger
Photo - IR Ball Trigger

IR Ball Trigger for AMF Pinspotter machines
Also suitable for Brunswick A Pinsetters (use of Rake Switch recommended)
And some types of Duckpin machines
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  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Strong 3mm steel mounting base to protect unit
  • Quick field installation - plug-in modular design
  • Breakout (connection) box mounts on curtain wall
  • High quality IR units integrated into main unit which mounts on wide capping
  • Uses reflectors rather than wired receiver units on far side of lane
  • Time delay to trigger is determined by ball speed:
    FAST BALL = short delay
    SLOW BALL = longer delay
  • LED status indicators
  • 12 month warranty
  • Operates on 12Vdc. Power supply is available separately. Several units can be run from one power supply.

  • If the beam is broken for an extended time, the machine will not trigger - this is a safety feature to reduce the risk of a person being hit by sweep. This feature also means that your lane machine will not be hit by the sweep if the machine is still running.

Photo - Trigger AMF - kit

The kit, with IR Trigger, "breakout box", reflectors and cables.

Photo - Trigger AMF - Breakout Box

The small "breakout box" that mounts on the curtain wall and provides the connection point between the machine and the IR Trigger

Photo - Tenpintec Ball Trigger Duckpin module

30Vdc Duckpin Breakout Module

Fitting guides:
  AMF 82-70   UPDATED 10 JAN 2023
  Brunswick A   UPDATED 10 JAN 2023
  Duckpin   UPDATED 10 JAN 2023
Ordering information
Part No. Description
CS-TR-A2 IR Ball Trigger - AMF (and Brunswick A) 1.0kg   
  Accessories and Spare Parts    
H00020-4 Steel Base (for upgrading early IR Triggers)  0.5kg 
CS-TR-A2-C Cable Assy - Trigger Unit to Breakout    
CS-TR-A2-R Reflector Assy (two reflectors on mounting bracket)  0.1kg  
  Reflector (single 50 x 50mm)  0.03kg  
CS-TR-BO-12VDC Breakout Box 12Vdc    
CS-TR-BO-30VDC Breakout Module - 30Vdc Duckpin    

Available from
Australia Cybernetic Solutions/tenpintec admin@tenpintec.com.au  
All other places Cybernetic Solutions/tenpintec    
Ordering information