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Trouble Call System

Trouble Call / Pit Signal System - independent of machine
Suitable for use with all types of Pinspotter and Pinsetter machines

Photo - Pit Signal module

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  • One Trouble Call Kit is required per pair of lanes
  • Trouble Call Modules mount on curtain wall for easy access and visibility
  • Trouble Call Module Kit includes
    • Trouble Call Module (as shown in photo above)
    • Mask Unit Indicator (as shown in photo above)
    • Mechanic's Push Button switch for mounting on rear of machine
    • Cables for connecting these items together
  • Can easily be connected to original Trouble Call button on ball return or bowlers' console
  • Modules connect together daisy-chain style with pre-made "click-in" plugs (supplied in kit)
  • Easily expandable modular design
  • High intensity LED indicators and piezo buzzers to alert backend staff to machine fault
  • Modules are powered by 12VDC regulated power supply
  • Isolated from pinsetter/pinspotter electrical system
  • Mask unit indicator for bowlers uses high intensity LED array instead of conventional lamps
  • Non-resettable counter can be easily added for monitoring purposes
  • Uses commonly available components
  • Quick field installation
  • 12 month warranty

Desk Control Type 1
  • Use this type where there are no Bowler's Trouble Call Buttons on Ball Return or Scorer Console
  • Desk staff press button to alert technical staff of machine fault
  • Requires light gauge 2 core cable from Desk Control to each Trouble Call Module

Photo - Desk Control Type 1

Desk Control units are optional - they are not necessary for the operation of the Trouble Call Modules

Desk Control Type 2
  • Use this type where full control over Trouble Call System is required from front desk
  • Control panel has a switch for each lane pair
  • Switch UP to enable Ball Return or Bowlers' Console Trouble Call button
  • Switch CENTRE for OFF
  • Switch (spring loaded) DOWN to signal a Trouble Call

Photo - Desk Control Type 2

Desk Control units are optional - they are not necessary for the operation of the Trouble Call Modules

Fitting guides:
  Trouble Call System   UPDATED 10 JAN 2023
Ordering information
Part No. Description
TC-01 Trouble Call Module Kit    
  Accessories and Spare Parts    
PS-DC12-025 Power Supply - 12VDC regulated switch mode  
TC-DESK1 Trouble Call Desk Control - Push Button  
TC-DESK2 Trouble Call Desk Control - Toggle On-Off-Trouble    

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