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Cable Adapter - Qubica VDB to Flat Screen

LCD or Plasma for Automatic Scoring

Cable Adapters and Brackets for scoring monitor upgrades

Photo - 42" plasma monitors at Stanthorpe

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Cable Adapter for Qubica VDB to flat screen monitor


Many older scoring systems may still work just fine but need a facelift by replacing the CRTs with LCD or plasma monitors.


Very few LCD or plasma monitors will connect directly with many older scoring systems because of incompatibilities with the video connectors and signal. You could try a cheap monitor and an expensive video converter. But this is not always guaranteed to work.


We have tried many scoring, converter and screen combinations. Only a few monitors have/had the capacity to display the low frequency video signal output of the Qubica VDB. Most of those monitors are now no longer available.


But if you have such a monitor, this VDB Cable Adapter is for you!


The VDB Cable Adapter acts as an interface so you can connect the 9pin D output on a VDB to standard 15pin VGA or XVGA cable for the monitor. (It beats fiddling around attempting to join the wires yourself!)


IMPORTANT: The monitor must be capable of displaying a video signal with a minimum horizontal scan rate of 15kHz. If it can not display the low frequency signal, a video converter or "upscaler" will be required.
See our Dual CGA-HDMI Converter.


Cable Adapter - VDB
  • Available with and without synch separator components
  • Plugs straight into the 9 pin sockets on the back of the VDB
  • VGA and XGA 15 pin video cables plug straight into the converter
  • One cable adapter required per pair of lanes/monitors
  • Simple and inexpensive solution
  • Note: the video signal output from
    the VDB is only 15kHz
    (horizontal scan rate).
    • A monitor capable of displaying this signal is required
    • OR
    • an upscaler/converter device (such as this)
      can be used to convert the video signal to a higher frequency that most monitors can display.

Photo - VDB rear view with Tenpintec cable adapter and VGA cables attached

VDB Cable Adapter showing standard VGA cables connected

Photo - VDB Converter rear view with Tenpintec VGA cable adapter attached

Cable Adapter - without synch separator components

Photo - Tenpintec VDB-VGA Cable Adapteronverter photo 03

Cable Adapter plugged into a VDB

Photo - a pair of flat screen monitors with bowlers score grids

Qubica scoring with VDBs

Hanging Bracket assemblies (double or triple) for chains.
Adjustable viewing angle and adjustable for chain separation.

Bracket Assembly
  • Consists of commercial standard plasma/LCD wall bracket combined with P4000T Unistrut (black powdercoated), custom T hanger and plate (black powdercoated), high tensile hardware
  • Set the desired viewing angle by repositioning chain D shackles into any of the available hanger holes
  • Neat, simple, inexpensive and very configurable
  • Available in double, triple, double with speakers and custom configurations to suit just about any requirement

Photo - Side view of plasma hanging in workshop

Photo - plasma screen with Tenpintec brackets

Workshop photo with plasma monitors

Photo - Tenpintec custom double flat screen hanging mount

Workshop photo without plasma monitors

Fitting guides:
  Cable Adapter VDB      
Ordering information
Part No. Description
PCA66-A Adapter - VDB without synch separation (normal configuration)    
PCA66-B Adapter - VDB with synch separation (only rarely required)    
  Accessories and Spare Parts    
CS-VIDSC-42-2 Hanging bracket assembly - double (suits 32 - 50" screens)  
CS-VIDSC-42-3 Hanging bracket assembly -triple (suits 32" to 50" screens)  
  Video Cable XVGA 2m    
  Video Cable XVGA 5m    
  IEC Power Cable (240V Australia) 2m    
  IEC Power Cable (240V Australia) 5m    

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Australia Eastern Bowling 1800 035 531  
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