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LaneMinder 2 - FAQ

LaneMinder 2

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

These questions and their answers are designed to help
you decide which LaneMinder configuration and which
optional components will best suit your needs.

Photo - LaneMinder 2 Control Box at the front desk

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I have a 36 lane centre where all the lanes are all in one block and I want to have a device that will detect when a person walks down the lane and set off an alarm to alert staff. What do I need?

In this case, all you need is a LaneMinder2 Standard kit.

The kit includes a Control Box, one infra-red Transmitter Module, one infra-red Receiver Module, a 15Vdc power supply and some cat5 cables.

My centre also has 36 lanes but they are arranged in two blocks or zones. What LaneMinder do I need if I just want to have an warning alarm?

You can buy a LaneMinder Standard plus the Beam 2 kit and ask for the dual zone chip to be installed. This chip replaces the standard chip and allows the LaneMinder to recognise Beam 2 as a separate zone instead of its usual role as the second beam on the same block of lanes.

Both beams plug into the same control module. One block of lanes responds to Beam 1 and the other block to Beam 2. The warning buzzers will sound a different tone for each block so they can be easily identified.
What kind of wiring is required to install a LaneMinder?

All the modules are connected together by Cat-5 cables. (Do not confuse them with your computer network cables!)
How do I add the Remote Control module?

The Remote Control module simply plugs into the bottom of the Cutout Control module. Two keyring type transmitters are supplied. They have two functions - RESET and LANE.
I operate an 8 lane centre and I'd like to have a LaneMinder that will shut down my pinsetters if someone runs all the way down to the mask units. How can I do that?

The LaneMinder no longer performs that function. We discontinued LaneMinder2 Plus because of newer machine safety standards and guidleines that have been brought in by OH&S authorities long after LaneMinder came on the market.
You might like to have a look at our MachineMinder product.

If you have a question that has not been addressed above, please feel free to email us at admin@tenpintec.com.au
I installed a LaneMinder Standard about a year and now I want to add the machine shut down function. Can I do this?

We would prefer that you didn't. Although the components are still available, the Cutout-2 and Cutout-8 Modules were designed several years ago and do not conform to the newer machine safety standards and regulations in many countries.

However, the Cutout-2 and Cutout-8 Modules could perform other functions such as shut off audio and disco light systems if a lane instrusion event occurs.

If you have a LaneMinder2 you can add these functions at any time. You need to add a Cutout Control Module and either Cutout-2 or Cutout-8 Modules to suit your application.

When you plug in the new components, the software in the Control module automatically detects the new configuration.